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  • To Your Eternity Drags on for Eternity

    To Your Eternity was one of the biggest releases this spring, and by far the most positively received. In a single episode it was an undeniable phenomenon, plucking heartstrings and setting the stage for a grand narrative. My expectations for the series were unfairly high, but it met them and continued to do so. After […]

  • To Your Eternity Review: This Is Going To Leave Me a Sobbing Mess

    Studio: Brain’s Base Director: Masahiko Murata Streaming on: Crunchyroll This season is full of adaptations and new projects from established authors. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song was written by the author of Re:Zero, while Combatants Will Be Dispatched was penned by the author of Konosuba. To Your Eternity is based off the manga written by Yoshitoki […]