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  • Re:Zero is a Modern Classic (Part Two)

    Where I left last time, I was coming fresh off of watching the second episode of season two part two. It’s only fair that I write this second installment coming from the third episode, which somehow managed to be just as good as it’s nigh perfect predecessor. I’m irritating with the way I fawn over […]

  • Attack on Titan Can’t Be Anime of the Year

    Oh, clickbait titles, how I’ve missed you. 2020, in spite of its many delays and production disasters, has produced some amazing titles, and it has made declaring an ‘anime of the year’ difficult. Two long-awaited series have returned to triumphant applause, Attack on Titan with its fourth and final season, and Re:Zero’s second after a […]

  • Re:Zero & Shield Hero: Why We Still Love Isekai

    In the past couple of years, anime has been dominated by isekai. Isekai, if you’re blissfully unaware, is the Japanese word for another world, and refers to the genre that was previously known as portal fantasy. The common factors have been well known tropes: an otaku protagonist is transported or reincarnated into a fantasy world […]