What Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Has to Do Right

The live-action anime adaptation is the rightly shunned corner of film adaptations. Books are regularly made into successful and critically-acclaimed films and television series, while even video games get the occasional moderate success like Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog. Anime, though? Forget it. And that isn’t for lack of trying. Today’s focus, Netflix, hasContinue reading “What Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Has to Do Right”

Record of Ragnarok Review: The Best Slideshow Ever

Do you like anime? If so, what exactly draws you to it? If you’re on this blog, you at least have a passing interest in it, if not an obsession, so why do these peculiar cartoons have this sort of draw? Maybe it’s the escapist fantasy, an appreciation for the artistry that goes into theirContinue reading “Record of Ragnarok Review: The Best Slideshow Ever”

Violet Evergarden: The 13 Episodes of Grief

Violet Evergarden is a contradiction of an anime; it is easy on the eyes, and yet unimaginably difficult to watch. Kyoto Animation’s exploration of the human condition through the eyes of a girl who has never been treated as a proper human is equal parts breathtaking and heartbreaking. I haven’t had the pleasure of readingContinue reading “Violet Evergarden: The 13 Episodes of Grief”

The Great Pretender Cases 1-3 Review: The Style is the Substance

Studio: Wit Studio Director: Hiro Kaburagi Streaming on: Netflix I have a weakness for heist movies. There is something about these slick films populated by con men recruiting a team for ‘one last job’ that pokes at the happy center of my brain. At a young age I discovered this passion through Ocean’s 11, leadingContinue reading “The Great Pretender Cases 1-3 Review: The Style is the Substance”