Violet Evergarden: The 13 Episodes of Grief

Violet Evergarden is a contradiction of an anime; it is easy on the eyes, and yet unimaginably difficult to watch. Kyoto Animation’s exploration of the human condition through the eyes of a girl who has never been treated as a proper human is equal parts breathtaking and heartbreaking. I haven’t had the pleasure of readingContinue reading “Violet Evergarden: The 13 Episodes of Grief”

The Great Pretender Cases 1-3 Review: The Style is the Substance

Studio: Wit Studio Director: Hiro Kaburagi Streaming on: Netflix I have a weakness for heist movies. There is something about these slick films populated by con men recruiting a team for ‘one last job’ that pokes at the happy center of my brain. At a young age I discovered this passion through Ocean’s 11, leadingContinue reading “The Great Pretender Cases 1-3 Review: The Style is the Substance”