Shonen is Ready to Grow Up

In the world of manga and anime, battle shonen indisputably reigns supreme. Of the top ten most popular anime on MAL, seven are specifically battle anime, not counting the non-battle shonen Death Note or the action-oriented isekai Sword Art Online. Of those seven but technically eight series, six are based on manga that originated inContinue reading “Shonen is Ready to Grow Up”

Is Being Faithful to the Manga Even Important?

It might feel like this comes as a direct sequel to my essay on the original Fullmetal Alchemist. There, I defined the merits of a series that played fast and loose with its source material. However, this question is bigger than Fullmetal Alchemist, and I’d say even bigger than the relatively small world of animeContinue reading “Is Being Faithful to the Manga Even Important?”

The Hands of Time

Hi, everyone. This is a little different from my regular content, but My Anime List recently partnered with the web novel site HoneyFeed for a writing contest. I submitted the first chapter of my story, The Hands of Time, and thought, “well, the people reading my blog probably like my writing, so they might likeContinue reading “The Hands of Time”

A Notice About The Otaku Exhibition’s Reviews

This notification will not be a surprise to you if you’ve read my review on Mushoku Tensei, in which my first impressions were mostly positive. The first couple of episodes are mostly harmless, though it soon become an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but with the predator as the hero. After IContinue reading “A Notice About The Otaku Exhibition’s Reviews”

Introduction to the Otaku Exhibition

If you’re here already, that probably means that you have an interest in anime, games, writing, or most likely all three. That’s great, and it means you’re certainly in the right place. The Otaku Exhibition is a project designed to share analysis and discussion of a lot of things, and geeky passions of mine likeContinue reading “Introduction to the Otaku Exhibition”