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  • Reincarnated as a Sword Review: Double-Edged Garbage

    Directed by Shinji Ishihara Produced by C2C Streaming on HIDIVE The isekai genre has existed in some form or another for decades, though the current model was cemented a decade ago by the runaway success of Sword Art Online. It’s funny, though, that I’ve seen debates on whether or not SAO even qualifies as a […]

  • The Eminence in Shadow Review: The Punisher but Anime

    Directed by Kazuya Nakanishi Produced by Nexus Streaming on HIDIVE Author’s Note: This is a first episode review, and I’ve been informed that the first episode of The Eminence in Shadow is anime original, and may not reflect the overall tone of the series. The review will remain preserved as is. I have always been […]

  • Shield Hero is the Perfect Isekai

    It’s been a minute since I’ve talked about The Rising of the Shield Hero, and that’s a shame. It’s one of my favorite isekai from the last few years, and considering how big the genre is, that’s no mean feat. It’s not as challenging or deep as something like Re: Zero, but Shield Hero isn’t […]

  • Mushoku Tensei is the Worst Anime Ever Made

    This essay will reference sexual assault, child predation, and miscellaneous unsavory content. If that makes you uncomfortable or is unsuitable for your age group, this is your chance to step away from this disaster of the show. You will be better off, trust me. Anime is chock full of unpleasant, unsettling, and disturbing content at […]

  • How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Review: A Paperwork Anime? I’m In!

    Studio: J.C. Staff Director: Takashi Watanabe Streaming on: Funimation We have gotten a lot of isekai over the last decade. And I mean a lot. Considering the genre as we know it was popularized and its conventions set in stone by the smash success of Sword Art Online in 2012, we have gotten heaps of […]

  • Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Review: Your Typical Isekai, and That’s Alright

    Studio: Studio Bind Director: Manobu Okamoto Streaming on: Funimation Update: This was written before the abhorrent episode six was broadcast, and while the body of the review has been left in tact, an author’s note was placed at the bottom, explaining my views and why I can no longer watch this series or recommend it […]

  • Re:Zero is a Modern Classic (Part Two)

    Where I left last time, I was coming fresh off of watching the second episode of season two part two. It’s only fair that I write this second installment coming from the third episode, which somehow managed to be just as good as it’s nigh perfect predecessor. I’m irritating with the way I fawn over […]

  • That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Popcorn Anime At Its Finest

    I enjoy shonen, slice of life, romcoms, and more when it comes to anime. I really don’t like to box my interests into the confines of one genre, but my absolute favorite is the 7/10. To define a 7/10, I want to be clear that it is not a bad thing. The numbered reviews passed […]

  • Re:Zero & Shield Hero: Why We Still Love Isekai

    In the past couple of years, anime has been dominated by isekai. Isekai, if you’re blissfully unaware, is the Japanese word for another world, and refers to the genre that was previously known as portal fantasy. The common factors have been well known tropes: an otaku protagonist is transported or reincarnated into a fantasy world […]

  • Konosuba: The “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” of Anime

    Have you ever tried to recommend a series or movie to someone by mixing and matching elements of other series? “Yeah, you should watch My Hero Academia, it’s basically the anime Sky High.” or “Jujutsu Kaisen is great, it’s the best parts of Demon Slayer and Bleach.” It’s an effective cultural shorthand, and with many […]