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  • The Eminence in Shadow Review: The Punisher but Anime

    Directed by Kazuya Nakanishi Produced by Nexus Streaming on HIDIVE Author’s Note: This is a first episode review, and I’ve been informed that the first episode of The Eminence in Shadow is anime original, and may not reflect the overall tone of the series. The review will remain preserved as is. I have always been […]

  • What Makes the Best Harem Anime?

    Harem anime don’t enjoy a lofty reputation, or get the same respect as their monogamous peers. That’s a shame, but the stigma isn’t entirely undeserved. You could easily name a dozen harem anime who use their premise merely as an excuse for some cheap lucky perv gags and easy fanservice. That being said, just because […]

  • In Defense of Rent-A-Girlfriend

    What does it mean to hate-watch an anime? There’s complex psychology behind a willingness to consume media you don’t like, don’t think is good, and wouldn’t recommend to others. Sometimes that phenomenon is referred to as a guilty pleasure; it is that which you enjoy, but know you shouldn’t. Frankly, that’s cowardice. It is 2022, […]

  • Girlfriend, Girlfriend Review: That’s Just Polygamy with Extra Steps

    Studio: Tezuka Productions Director: Satoshi Kuwabara Streaming on: Crunchyroll If you’ve seen my essay where I praised Rent-a-Girlfriend for being an ecchi harem comedy with excellent writing, you may think I’d be enjoying this season’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend. You’d be incorrect there, as I put emphasis on the part about good writing. In the competition of […]