Skyward Sword HD Review: The Best-Worst Zelda Takes Flight Again

It isn’t exactly a hot take to say you don’t like Skyward Sword. It is the single-most maligned game in a beloved franchise. It suffers from a series of easily avoidable defects. It seems to trip over obstacles that the developers purposefully placed in their path. However, it’s not so simple as saying that IContinue reading “Skyward Sword HD Review: The Best-Worst Zelda Takes Flight Again”

Persona 5: Living an Anime

For the sake of abandoning all objectivity, I will admit that Persona 5 is one of my favorite games of all time. That’s a problem with writing about JRPGs, I have to put in dozens or hundreds of hours just to hit that end screen. I can tell you that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderContinue reading “Persona 5: Living an Anime”

I Hate The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite game franchise of all time, which is a position you only get to claim if I hate many of the games in that franchise. No Zelda fan got to be that way by loving the series unconditionally and without complaint; complaining is how you show your love forContinue reading “I Hate The Legend of Zelda”

Atmosphere in Games (Hades and Hollow Knight)

The opening scene or sequence in a game is the most important, more so than any other medium. A film or an anime can wait to draw you in, often there is important groundwork that needs to be laid in narrative-centric media. A hook just sometimes has to take a backseat, and can be pushedContinue reading “Atmosphere in Games (Hades and Hollow Knight)”

Castlevania: Mourning The First Good Video Game Adaptation

You might wonder why my spring reviews are being interrupted by a show that’s nearly four years old at this point, and is not made in Japan. The best reason for that is Castlevania is the single greatest piece of media based on a video game, and its final season is slated to air inContinue reading “Castlevania: Mourning The First Good Video Game Adaptation”

Genshin Impact: The Unsustainability of FOMO

Genshin Impact is the first game I reviewed on the Otaku Exhibition, although that doesn’t say much, it’s pretty rare I play a game within a month of its release. At the time, I stated it was an interesting derivation of Breath of the Wild’s open world exploration with a chemistry-themed combat system. While myContinue reading “Genshin Impact: The Unsustainability of FOMO”

I Hate Blank Slate Protagonists

The blank slate protagonist is a staple of JRPGs, and I completely understand why. Video games strive to completely immerse the player, so it only makes sense that you would let them pick their character’s nme, customize their appearance, and try to make their personality as open to interpretation. This usually results in a deadpanContinue reading “I Hate Blank Slate Protagonists”

Dark Souls is the Perfect Kids’ Game

Dark Souls is a game and a franchise and even a genre that I have mixed feelings about. I am fascinated by every scrap of lore and mythology that From Software constructs around their games, whether it is the magnificent renaissance decay of Lordran, the claustrophobic and Gothic Yharnam, or the brilliantly recreated landscapes ofContinue reading “Dark Souls is the Perfect Kids’ Game”

Pokemon’s Problem

Note: This was written literally days before the announcement of the Sinnoh Remakes and Legend of Arceus. Some information might be out of date, but as these games are still in development, nothing was so concrete as to warrant edits. Thanks, and enjoy! It feels weird to say that Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchiseContinue reading “Pokemon’s Problem”

Hades Review: Why It Deserves Game of the Year

Developer: Supergiant Games Reviewed On: Nintendo Switch I don’t put a lot of stock into Game of the Year awards, simply because everyone with an opinion on the internet does one. Sure, there’s the Golden Globes, but they aren’t on the same level of prestige as the Academy Awards. Video games have the Game Awards,Continue reading “Hades Review: Why It Deserves Game of the Year”