Noblesse Review: Webtoon’s Last Shot

Director: Yasutaka Yamamoto Studio: Production IG Streaming on: Crunchyroll I have had a rocky relationship with Crunchyroll’s originals, and more specifically, the adaptations of Webtoon manhwa. Tower of God dropped this spring, and while its lore and worldbuilding were impressive, it didn’t quite live up to the monumental hype associated with it. Still, it wasContinue reading “Noblesse Review: Webtoon’s Last Shot”

The God of High School: A Lesson in Disappointment

Summer 2020 was a pretty dry season for anime due to coronavirus slowing production down drastically in the spring, but the season was not without its breakouts and returning masterpieces. Re:Zero returned in triumph, while The Misfit of Demon King Academy was a laugh riot, and Rent-A-Girlfriend was the perfect train crash in slow motion.Continue reading “The God of High School: A Lesson in Disappointment”