Attack on Titan and CGI in Anime

When I was just a fledgling otaku, the words line art, compositing, and sakuga meant little to me. An appreciation for the heights that animation can reach takes time to acquire, and you might know a masterclass by your fifth anime, your fiftieth, or even beyond that. But there was something that nagged at meContinue reading “Attack on Titan and CGI in Anime”

Attack on Titan Can’t Be Anime of the Year

Oh, clickbait titles, how I’ve missed you. 2020, in spite of its many delays and production disasters, has produced some amazing titles, and it has made declaring an ‘anime of the year’ difficult. Two long-awaited series have returned to triumphant applause, Attack on Titan with its fourth and final season, and Re:Zero’s second after aContinue reading “Attack on Titan Can’t Be Anime of the Year”

Attack on Titan: The Architect of Hype

If you know anime, you know Attack on Titan. Even if you don’t know anime, you probably know Attack on Titan. Its meteoric rise to mainstream came quickly after its debut in 2013, quickly appealing to the tastes of a culture that wanted gritty and lethal action. It has since become one of the biggestContinue reading “Attack on Titan: The Architect of Hype”