Does Gurren Lagann Deserve to be a Classic?

At this point, between the essay on Evangelion that inspired this series, and the initial installment about Code Geass, that this series has only focused on mecha anime. I am fine with that, but it has made me realize how much mecha anime has fallen by the wayside in the modern anime community. Obviously long-runningContinue reading “Does Gurren Lagann Deserve to be a Classic?”

My Hero Academia: Anime’s Rule Breaker

If you have read my essay exploring hard and soft magic systems through different applications in anime superpowers, you might have an idea of where I am going with this. If you haven’t, you can read it right here, it’s actually one of my more creative pieces. However, this title is not as deceiving orContinue reading “My Hero Academia: Anime’s Rule Breaker”

Re:Zero is a Modern Classic (Part Two)

Where I left last time, I was coming fresh off of watching the second episode of season two part two. It’s only fair that I write this second installment coming from the third episode, which somehow managed to be just as good as it’s nigh perfect predecessor. I’m irritating with the way I fawn overContinue reading “Re:Zero is a Modern Classic (Part Two)”

SK8 The Infinity Review: Bones Sticks The Landing

Studio: Bones Director: Hiroko Utsumi Streaming on: Funimation Every so often I think of a hobby, a sport, or something that makes me say, “Man, I wish there was an anime about this.” That goes for pretty much every sport, as they all could benefit from being run through that shonen formula, and it’s workedContinue reading “SK8 The Infinity Review: Bones Sticks The Landing”

Tatoeba Last Dungeon Review: One Punch Man but a Cinnamon Roll

Studio: Liden Films Director: migmi Streaming on: Funimation Overpowered protagonists are a staple of fantasy and isekai, and the concept is starting to wear thin. One Punch Man’s second season underwhelmed after the smash success of the first, while no one seems to be able to manage to muster up any love or hate forContinue reading “Tatoeba Last Dungeon Review: One Punch Man but a Cinnamon Roll”

Horimiya Review: They’re All So Pretty

Studio: Cloverworks Director: Masashi Ishihama Streaming on: Funimation Most of my content might lead you to believe I am a brick-headed shonen fanboy who can’t pay attention to any show where someone isn’t getting beaten to a pulp. The joke’s on you, because I can’t pay attention to anything, at any time, ever. That hasContinue reading “Horimiya Review: They’re All So Pretty”

Dororo: Dark Fantasy Done Right

It is difficult to take an old piece of art and make it relevant to younger generations. To make Troy, they had to turn the Trojan War from a clash of demigods and kings into Orlando Bloom having a spot of romantic issues. I could argue the original Iliad is more interesting than the movie,Continue reading “Dororo: Dark Fantasy Done Right”

Neon Genesis Evangelion Doesn’t Deserve To Be A Classic

This essay first began life as an entry to the series, A Lesson in Disappointment, where I take a dive into an anime I had high hopes for, and explore just how it let me down. For Evangelion, that approach won’t do, because I did not feel an ounce of disappointment as I watched thisContinue reading “Neon Genesis Evangelion Doesn’t Deserve To Be A Classic”

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Popcorn Anime At Its Finest

I enjoy shonen, slice of life, romcoms, and more when it comes to anime. I really don’t like to box my interests into the confines of one genre, but my absolute favorite is the 7/10. To define a 7/10, I want to be clear that it is not a bad thing. The numbered reviews passedContinue reading “That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime: Popcorn Anime At Its Finest”

The Art of the Tournament Arc

Tournaments have long been a staple of anime, with some legendary arcs conducted in shonen classics like Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Yu-Gi-Oh (which is kind of only tournament arcs, but Duelist Kingdom is still the best). It’s one of the few times that allies and enemies alike can battle each other withoutContinue reading “The Art of the Tournament Arc”