To Your Eternity Review: This Is Going To Leave Me a Sobbing Mess

Studio: Brain’s Base Director: Masahiko Murata Streaming on: Crunchyroll This season is full of adaptations and new projects from established authors. Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song was written by the author of Re:Zero, while Combatants Will Be Dispatched was penned by the author of Konosuba. To Your Eternity is based off the manga written by YoshitokiContinue reading “To Your Eternity Review: This Is Going To Leave Me a Sobbing Mess”

86 – Eight-Six Review: Oh, Great, More Child Soldiers

Studio: A-1 Pictures Director: Toshimasa Ishii Streaming on: Crunchyroll If you are mourning the end of Attack on Titan Season 4, I think I found an adequate replacement to tide you over until its return later this year. Attack on Titan changed the landscape of anime with its world building and the way its narrativeContinue reading “86 – Eight-Six Review: Oh, Great, More Child Soldiers”

Higehiro: Are You Sure Shinkai Didn’t Direct This?

Studio: Project no. 9 Director: Manabu Kamikita Streaming on: Crunchyroll Higehiro, or After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway, is the kind of synopsis that immediately puts me on edge. Whatever your tastes, anime has a track record of objectifying and sexualizing underage characters like I have a habit ofContinue reading “Higehiro: Are You Sure Shinkai Didn’t Direct This?”

My Hero Academia Season Five Review: What Did Bones Do To You?

Studio: Bones Director: Kenji Nagasaki Streaming on: Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu My Hero Academia is actually my favorite anime and manga of all time, though I would not call it objectively the best. My reasons for liking the series are intensely personal; when I first watched the anime, I was at a point in my lifeContinue reading “My Hero Academia Season Five Review: What Did Bones Do To You?”

Steins;Gate: A Lesson in Disappointment

Steins;Gate is widely considered to be one of the best anime ever made. As of writing this, it sits at the lofty number nine of most popular anime of all time on MAL, an an even loftier number three when factoring user reviews. And if you have ever noticed that I am not afraid toContinue reading “Steins;Gate: A Lesson in Disappointment”

Appare-Ranman!: Steel Ball Run Got an Anime?

In the wake of Stone Ocean’s announcement, there is a significant sector of the JoJo fandom who only care about how this brings us that much closer to an adaptation of Steel Ball Run, widely considered to be the part part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I don’t know why they’re so concerned with that; SteelContinue reading “Appare-Ranman!: Steel Ball Run Got an Anime?”

Rent-A-Girlfriend: My Favorite Dumpster Fire

2020 was a good year for anime, but an unfortunately scarce one. Spring and summer experienced an incredible shortage that left the seasonal selections feeling a bit bare, though the winter would later come to rectify. Despite that, the anime we did get were some absolute bangers. The second season of Kaguya, Re:Zero, and FruitsContinue reading “Rent-A-Girlfriend: My Favorite Dumpster Fire”

Goblin Slayer: A Bizarrely Thoughtful Exploration of Trauma

Goblin Slayer is one of the strangest anime I have ever seen, though I don’t mean that on a conceptual level. Fantasy anime with comedically single-minded protagonists and RPG elements is an oversaturated market, but Goblin Slayer manages to make a few decisions to keep things interesting. However, it is hard to talk about thisContinue reading “Goblin Slayer: A Bizarrely Thoughtful Exploration of Trauma”

Akudama Drive: Last Minute Pivot

I have already written about anime that start off slow and then finish spectacularly, helping recontextualize everything that we had seen so far. You cannot have the gut-wrenching emotional highs of Re:Zero without watching Subaru be an idiot for 15 episodes, and you can’t appreciate the rich characters of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu without firstContinue reading “Akudama Drive: Last Minute Pivot”

SK8 The Infinity: Skateboarding Thrills and Emotional Chills

In my review of SK8 The Infinity, I spent a majority of my time highlighting the production quality of Studio Bones’ strange take on the sports anime genre, and while that wasn’t necessarily wrong, it didn’t paint a complete picture of the series. The character designs are vibrant and lovingly rendered, the backgrounds are painstakinglyContinue reading “SK8 The Infinity: Skateboarding Thrills and Emotional Chills”