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  • 86 – Eighty-Six Season Two Review: Back to the Battlefield

    Studio: A-1 Pictures Director: Toshimasa Ishi Streaming on: Crunchyroll 2021 has been a bizarre year for anime, and not just because we’re expecting JoJo before long. Winter came in like a lion, with a dozen sequels that were delayed thanks to the world coming down with a bad case of hangnails, a handful of high-profile […]

  • 86 – Eighty-Six Will Change How Anime is Made

    86 was the best anime to come out last spring, and considering the caliber of its competition, that’s no easy feat. In a world that’s leaving mecha behind, 86 managed to not completely Darling in the Franxx itself. I say that, but the first season was only eleven episodes, so if I’m being honest, it […]

  • 86 – Eight-Six Review: Oh, Great, More Child Soldiers

    Studio: A-1 Pictures Director: Toshimasa Ishii Streaming on: Crunchyroll If you are mourning the end of Attack on Titan Season 4, I think I found an adequate replacement to tide you over until its return later this year. Attack on Titan changed the landscape of anime with its world building and the way its narrative […]