Akudama Drive: Last Minute Pivot

I have already written about anime that start off slow and then finish spectacularly, helping recontextualize everything that we had seen so far. You cannot have the gut-wrenching emotional highs of Re:Zero without watching Subaru be an idiot for 15 episodes, and you can’t appreciate the rich characters of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu without firstContinue reading “Akudama Drive: Last Minute Pivot”

Bunny Girl Senpai: Why All Anime Is Set In High School

A majority of anime do not use the high school setting to their advantage, despite many finding any reason to shoehorn the setting into just about any story. They place these characters there because their target demographics are teenagers and young adults who can allegedly relate better to protagonists their age, but do they doContinue reading “Bunny Girl Senpai: Why All Anime Is Set In High School”

SK8 The Infinity: Skateboarding Thrills and Emotional Chills

In my review of SK8 The Infinity, I spent a majority of my time highlighting the production quality of Studio Bones’ strange take on the sports anime genre, and while that wasn’t necessarily wrong, it didn’t paint a complete picture of the series. The character designs are vibrant and lovingly rendered, the backgrounds are painstakinglyContinue reading “SK8 The Infinity: Skateboarding Thrills and Emotional Chills”

Does Sub vs. Dub Matter Anymore?

The debate has long reigned supreme in the anime community, whether or not subtitled anime was truly superior to dubbed. In the early days of anime dubbing, this fact was undisputed. The clash in views only rose as certain English dubs, like Cowboy Bebop and Fullmetal Alchemist, came and proved that there was no reasonContinue reading “Does Sub vs. Dub Matter Anymore?”

Horimiya: The Art of Butchering an Adaptation

Side note before I begin: today’s essay just so happened to coincide with the release of the final chapter of the Horimiya manga. Complete accident on my part, but a happy little accident nonetheless. I don’t get the chance to talk about manga here as often as I should, and that’s mostly for good reasons.Continue reading “Horimiya: The Art of Butchering an Adaptation”

Pokemon’s Problem

Note: This was written literally days before the announcement of the Sinnoh Remakes and Legend of Arceus. Some information might be out of date, but as these games are still in development, nothing was so concrete as to warrant edits. Thanks, and enjoy! It feels weird to say that Pokemon is the highest-grossing media franchiseContinue reading “Pokemon’s Problem”

How Oregairu Fails to Deliver (And Then How It Does)

Oregairu, or My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, as I Expected, is one of the biggest franchises in recent romcom anime and light novels. It made waves with its subversive take on the genre and its well-developed characters, and how they navigate treacherous social standing and interpersonal dynamics. Despite the near universal acclaim it hasContinue reading “How Oregairu Fails to Deliver (And Then How It Does)”

Attack on Titan and CGI in Anime

When I was just a fledgling otaku, the words line art, compositing, and sakuga meant little to me. An appreciation for the heights that animation can reach takes time to acquire, and you might know a masterclass by your fifth anime, your fiftieth, or even beyond that. But there was something that nagged at meContinue reading “Attack on Titan and CGI in Anime”

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part Two: Battle Tendency Retrospective

I last left you and this retrospective series with the deaths of Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando in a sinking ship over the Atlantic Ocean. I return a month-ish and 50 years later in the metropolis of New York City, but quickly expanding across the world, with Battle Tendency. Part Two is one of theContinue reading “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part Two: Battle Tendency Retrospective”

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Review: Your Typical Isekai, and That’s Alright

Studio: Studio Bind Director: Manobu Okamoto Streaming on: Funimation Update: This was written before the abhorrent episode six was broadcast, and while the body of the review has been left in tact, an author’s note was placed at the bottom, explaining my views and why I can no longer watch this series or recommend itContinue reading “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Review: Your Typical Isekai, and That’s Alright”