Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Review: I Can Finally Stop Talking About Re:Zero

Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed with having to put out two moderately sized essays or reviews a week and maintain a substantial backlog, but then I think about Tappei Nagatsuki and I feel better. The author of Re:Zero manages to write a web novel, a series of light novels, commentaries on each episode ofContinue reading “Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Review: I Can Finally Stop Talking About Re:Zero”

Castlevania: Mourning The First Good Video Game Adaptation

You might wonder why my spring reviews are being interrupted by a show that’s nearly four years old at this point, and is not made in Japan. The best reason for that is Castlevania is the single greatest piece of media based on a video game, and its final season is slated to air inContinue reading “Castlevania: Mourning The First Good Video Game Adaptation”

Higehiro: Are You Sure Shinkai Didn’t Direct This?

Studio: Project no. 9 Director: Manabu Kamikita Streaming on: Crunchyroll Higehiro, or After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway, is the kind of synopsis that immediately puts me on edge. Whatever your tastes, anime has a track record of objectifying and sexualizing underage characters like I have a habit ofContinue reading “Higehiro: Are You Sure Shinkai Didn’t Direct This?”

Genshin Impact: The Unsustainability of FOMO

Genshin Impact is the first game I reviewed on the Otaku Exhibition, although that doesn’t say much, it’s pretty rare I play a game within a month of its release. At the time, I stated it was an interesting derivation of Breath of the Wild’s open world exploration with a chemistry-themed combat system. While myContinue reading “Genshin Impact: The Unsustainability of FOMO”

My Hero Academia Season Five Review: What Did Bones Do To You?

Studio: Bones Director: Kenji Nagasaki Streaming on: Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu My Hero Academia is actually my favorite anime and manga of all time, though I would not call it objectively the best. My reasons for liking the series are intensely personal; when I first watched the anime, I was at a point in my lifeContinue reading “My Hero Academia Season Five Review: What Did Bones Do To You?”

Steins;Gate: A Lesson in Disappointment

Steins;Gate is widely considered to be one of the best anime ever made. As of writing this, it sits at the lofty number nine of most popular anime of all time on MAL, an an even loftier number three when factoring user reviews. And if you have ever noticed that I am not afraid toContinue reading “Steins;Gate: A Lesson in Disappointment”

Appare-Ranman!: Steel Ball Run Got an Anime?

In the wake of Stone Ocean’s announcement, there is a significant sector of the JoJo fandom who only care about how this brings us that much closer to an adaptation of Steel Ball Run, widely considered to be the part part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. I don’t know why they’re so concerned with that; SteelContinue reading “Appare-Ranman!: Steel Ball Run Got an Anime?”

Rent-A-Girlfriend: My Favorite Dumpster Fire

2020 was a good year for anime, but an unfortunately scarce one. Spring and summer experienced an incredible shortage that left the seasonal selections feeling a bit bare, though the winter would later come to rectify. Despite that, the anime we did get were some absolute bangers. The second season of Kaguya, Re:Zero, and FruitsContinue reading “Rent-A-Girlfriend: My Favorite Dumpster Fire”

A Notice About The Otaku Exhibition’s Reviews

This notification will not be a surprise to you if you’ve read my review on Mushoku Tensei, in which my first impressions were mostly positive. The first couple of episodes are mostly harmless, though it soon become an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, but with the predator as the hero. After IContinue reading “A Notice About The Otaku Exhibition’s Reviews”

Violet Evergarden: The 13 Episodes of Grief

Violet Evergarden is a contradiction of an anime; it is easy on the eyes, and yet unimaginably difficult to watch. Kyoto Animation’s exploration of the human condition through the eyes of a girl who has never been treated as a proper human is equal parts breathtaking and heartbreaking. I haven’t had the pleasure of readingContinue reading “Violet Evergarden: The 13 Episodes of Grief”