My Anime 3×3, or Celebrating a Year of the Otaku Exhibition

When I began this blog, I didn’t think it was going to last. A month or two, three at the most. I have a tendency of creating big, ambitious plans that I fail to follow through on. Making a blog where I organize all my weird thoughts about anime and games was a neat idea,Continue reading “My Anime 3×3, or Celebrating a Year of the Otaku Exhibition”

A Note About the Otaku Exhibition’s Posts

We have arrived at the one year anniversary of the Otaku Exhibition. For those of you who weren’t counting, that was 110 posts, 169,000 words, and more garbage takes than I can count. This isn’t a celebration of that anniversary, that post will be going up at the usual time on Monday, October 18th. Instead,Continue reading “A Note About the Otaku Exhibition’s Posts”

My Hero Academia is Really About Therapy and German Philosophy

It’s become trendy to dump on My Hero Academia as of late, and I’m just as guilty as anybody. I still love the anime, but there’s no denying there has been a noticeable step down in production values. But you know what? That’s not why you should like My Hero Academia. Hero Aca has alwaysContinue reading “My Hero Academia is Really About Therapy and German Philosophy”

Blue Box Review: Shonen Jump’s Sports Romcom Scores

Art and Story by Koji Miura All chapters available on the Shonen Jump app I’ve been doing my best to catch more manga in the early stages so it feels like I’m actually reviewing a new series, not just what’s out there and popular. Unfortunately, that’s pretty hard if you’re not fluent in Japanese; byContinue reading “Blue Box Review: Shonen Jump’s Sports Romcom Scores”

Kaiju No. 8 Review: Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo

Art and Story by Naoya Matsumoto All chapters available on the Shonen Jump app For nearly 70 years, kaiju have been one of Japan’s most significant cultural exports. The precise cultural importance of creations like Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidora has been lost in translation, but the world at large has no qualms about enjoyingContinue reading “Kaiju No. 8 Review: Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo”

So, Was I Right? Summer 2021 Edition

I have often gone on the record to say that my reviews are fallible. I recommend or bash a show based on its first two or three episodes, and it is often impossible to predict where many anime can wind up. A brilliant gem in its first few episodes can fumble. Something unremarkable can developContinue reading “So, Was I Right? Summer 2021 Edition”

Mushoku Tensei is the Worst Anime Ever Made

This essay will reference sexual assault, child predation, and miscellaneous unsavory content. If that makes you uncomfortable or is unsuitable for your age group, this is your chance to step away from this disaster of the show. You will be better off, trust me. Anime is chock full of unpleasant, unsettling, and disturbing content atContinue reading “Mushoku Tensei is the Worst Anime Ever Made”

86 – Eighty-Six Will Change How Anime is Made

86 was the best anime to come out last spring, and considering the caliber of its competition, that’s no easy feat. In a world that’s leaving mecha behind, 86 managed to not completely Darling in the Franxx itself. I say that, but the first season was only eleven episodes, so if I’m being honest, itContinue reading “86 – Eighty-Six Will Change How Anime is Made”

Rebuild of Evangelion Has Redefined a Classic

I have made my dislike of Neon Genesis Evangelion abundantly clear. Across two essays and a flurry of Tweets, I have stood firm that the anime which is widely regarded as an anime, the pinnacle of mecha, or even anime in general, is terrible. There are many reasons for that, but I have to getContinue reading “Rebuild of Evangelion Has Redefined a Classic”

How Anime Excels in Making You Care

There is a phenomenon within anime that I refer to as the “niche genre”. You don’t have to go very far in order to stumble upon it. It isn’t a genre, not really, but it is an extremely common type of of anime that focuses on a particular niche, hobby, or sport. Most sports animeContinue reading “How Anime Excels in Making You Care”