Skyward Sword HD Review: The Best-Worst Zelda Takes Flight Again

It isn’t exactly a hot take to say you don’t like Skyward Sword. It is the single-most maligned game in a beloved franchise. It suffers from a series of easily avoidable defects. It seems to trip over obstacles that the developers purposefully placed in their path. However, it’s not so simple as saying that IContinue reading “Skyward Sword HD Review: The Best-Worst Zelda Takes Flight Again”

Remake Our Life! Review: Where Have I Seen This Before?

Studio: Feel Director: Tomoki Koboyashi Streaming on: Crunchyroll One of the weird and strangely enjoyable things about anime is that there are distinct types of genres that are so weird and specific that they’d never be a genre anywhere else. This can often contribute to a premise feeling tired; since these genres are so specific,Continue reading “Remake Our Life! Review: Where Have I Seen This Before?”

The Case Study of Vanitas Review: Behind Blue Eyes

Studio: Bones Director: Tomoyuki Itamura Streaming on: Funimation Longtime readers will know of my great weakness for the bishonen subgenre, the pretty boys. SK8 The Infinity, Banana Fish, Free, pretty much all projects pertaining to and adjacent with Horoko Utsumi. I make no secret of it, and have in fact come to you today withContinue reading “The Case Study of Vanitas Review: Behind Blue Eyes”

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Review: A Paperwork Anime? I’m In!

Studio: J.C. Staff Director: Takashi Watanabe Streaming on: Funimation We have gotten a lot of isekai over the last decade. And I mean a lot. Considering the genre as we know it was popularized and its conventions set in stone by the smash success of Sword Art Online in 2012, we have gotten heaps ofContinue reading “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Review: A Paperwork Anime? I’m In!”

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Review: That’s Just Polygamy with Extra Steps

Studio: Tezuka Productions Director: Satoshi Kuwabara Streaming on: Crunchyroll If you’ve seen my essay where I praised Rent-a-Girlfriend for being an ecchi harem comedy with excellent writing, you may think I’d be enjoying this season’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend. You’d be incorrect there, as I put emphasis on the part about good writing. In the competition ofContinue reading “Girlfriend, Girlfriend Review: That’s Just Polygamy with Extra Steps”

The Detective is Already Dead Review: No Spoiler Warning on That Title?

Studio: ENGI Director: Manabu Kurihara Streaming on: Funimation I have been an earnest fan of the classic detective stories for most of my life. My personal library is filled with the complete collections of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, and Edgar Allan Poe’s Dupin, plus a lot of manga, but that’s not myContinue reading “The Detective is Already Dead Review: No Spoiler Warning on That Title?”

Persona 5: Living an Anime

For the sake of abandoning all objectivity, I will admit that Persona 5 is one of my favorite games of all time. That’s a problem with writing about JRPGs, I have to put in dozens or hundreds of hours just to hit that end screen. I can tell you that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderContinue reading “Persona 5: Living an Anime”

The Perfect Slice of Life Spin-Off

Slice of life is a real hit or miss. On the one hand, stories reflecting everyday life can be as important and as emotionally stirring as any other kind, and have the bonus of often being more relevant than less grounded fantasy. On the other hand, the genre is defined by a lack of story,Continue reading “The Perfect Slice of Life Spin-Off”

The Best Protagonist in Anime

Code Geass is one of the most popular anime of all time, and more than that, it’s a personal favorite. It reinvigorated my interest in mecha, especially when I had been in a slump of post-Evangelion depressing, but just before finally getting around to watching Gurren Lagann. It is this bizarre cross of a warContinue reading “The Best Protagonist in Anime”

I Hate The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite game franchise of all time, which is a position you only get to claim if I hate many of the games in that franchise. No Zelda fan got to be that way by loving the series unconditionally and without complaint; complaining is how you show your love forContinue reading “I Hate The Legend of Zelda”