Devilman Crybaby: Resurrecting a Story

Devilman is one of the most influential manga ever written. You cannot understate the impact that Go Nagai’s initially simple story of a boy forced to house a demon on its genre or the medium it was created within. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration or even a stretch to say that without Devilman, we wouldContinue reading “Devilman Crybaby: Resurrecting a Story”

Record of Ragnarok Review: The Best Slideshow Ever

Do you like anime? If so, what exactly draws you to it? If you’re on this blog, you at least have a passing interest in it, if not an obsession, so why do these peculiar cartoons have this sort of draw? Maybe it’s the escapist fantasy, an appreciation for the artistry that goes into theirContinue reading “Record of Ragnarok Review: The Best Slideshow Ever”

Does Toradora Deserve to be a Classic?

I love romcom anime. Kaguya-sama and Horimiya rank among my favorite manga of all time, and I even came around on Oregairu when it recovered from a disappointing first season. This is just a genre that anime performs particularly well in. The long-form nature of the medium means that it isn’t as suffocating as itsContinue reading “Does Toradora Deserve to be a Classic?”

Processing Grief Through Anime Part Two: Anohana

I began the first part with an explanation of tearjerker anime, the ones that wring tears out of you. Not that I would ever cry over a silly cartoon, no idea what you’re talking about. You can tell from my macho blog all about those cartoons that I’d never feel emotions because of them. ShutContinue reading “Processing Grief Through Anime Part Two: Anohana”

Processing Grief Through Anime Part One: Your Lie in April

Everyone should be familiar with the tearjerker anime, or at least I assume they are, as they’re frequently ranked among the best anime of all time. Tearjerker isn’t a genre, exactly, although it’s a category with its own hallmarks and tropes. It just happens to expand across every genre of anime, though they’re usually melodramas.Continue reading “Processing Grief Through Anime Part One: Your Lie in April”

Kaguya-Sama: The Anime That Demands To Be Watched Twice

I Have already given my thoughts on the story of Kaguya-Sama, it’s the second essay I wrote on this blog. However, that was mostly about praising the strengths of its character writing, and the compelling drama that appears as a result. If you’re unfamiliar with the setting and story of Kaguya, though, I can’t sayContinue reading “Kaguya-Sama: The Anime That Demands To Be Watched Twice”

Backflip!! Review: Not Just Another Haikyuu Rip-Off

Studio: Zexcs Director: Toshimasa Kuroyanagi Streaming on: Crunchyroll You cannot overstate the importance of Haikyuu, and the impact it has had across spheres of influence. It catapulted the popularity of boys’ school volleyball, with a defining point in Japanese membership skyrocketing since the manga was first published in 2012. It had subtler impact in theContinue reading “Backflip!! Review: Not Just Another Haikyuu Rip-Off”

Those Snow White Notes: Getting The Band Together

I said it about volleyball, I said it about rakugo, and now the new hobby I find myself burdened with an undue fascination for is the shamisen. There’s one more thing I’ll get obsessed with before my spring reviews are finished, but now I’m all shamisen, and everyone has gotta know about it. The shamisen,Continue reading “Those Snow White Notes: Getting The Band Together”

Shadows House: I Never Knew I Wanted This

Studio: CloverWorks Director: Kazuku Oohashi Streaming on: Funimation I don’t like moe. I am not immune to the charms of cute anime girls starting a band or taking an expedition to Antarctica, but I simply don’t get the hype. I plan on eventually writing an essay on why moe doesn’t do anything for me, andContinue reading “Shadows House: I Never Knew I Wanted This”

Tokyo Revengers: Erased Meets Goodfellas

Studio: Liden Film Inc. Director: Koichi Hatsumi Streaming on: Crunchyroll I have a fondness for gangster flicks. Back in my days of being a real film snob, I could not get enough of mafia movies, even if they all seem to slur together in retrospect, but I was that guy who could not shut aboutContinue reading “Tokyo Revengers: Erased Meets Goodfellas”