Komi Can’t Communicate Review: Interpersonal Relationships 101

Studio: OLM Director: Ayamu Watanabe Streaming on: Netflix Without us noticing, the anime community has enjoyed a renaissance of a genre that doesn’t quite have a name. It’s hard to classify, because every anime I’m referring to belongs to an existing genre, romantic comedies. They’re based on manga, they’re quirky, and the most significant overlapContinue reading “Komi Can’t Communicate Review: Interpersonal Relationships 101”

Blue Period Review: The Broad Strokes

Studio: Seven Arcs Director: Koji Masunari Streaming on: Netflix Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, as the poem goes, and I’ve always felt that strongly. I thought growing up I had two potential artistic callings; obviously one was writing, but I’ve wanted to be good at drawing for my entire life. The reason IContinue reading “Blue Period Review: The Broad Strokes”

Platinum End Review: Sharp Edge, Handle With Caution

Studio: Signal.MD Director: Kazuchika Kise Streaming on: Crunchyroll, Funimation I consider myself a reluctant fan of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. The manga-making duo have collaborated thrice in their careers, the first time to make Death Note. I’ve got a special place in my heart for Death Note, as the first proper anime I’ve everContinue reading “Platinum End Review: Sharp Edge, Handle With Caution”

86 – Eighty-Six Season Two Review: Back to the Battlefield

Studio: A-1 Pictures Director: Toshimasa Ishi Streaming on: Crunchyroll 2021 has been a bizarre year for anime, and not just because we’re expecting JoJo before long. Winter came in like a lion, with a dozen sequels that were delayed thanks to the world coming down with a bad case of hangnails, a handful of high-profileContinue reading “86 – Eighty-Six Season Two Review: Back to the Battlefield”

Takt Op. Destiny Review: Fate stay/night the Musical

Studio: MAPPA x Madhouse Director: Yuki Ito Streaming on: Crunchyroll Believe it or not, I have a favorite child when it comes to seasonal anime. Usually once a season, a certain kind of anime comes out. It’s an original project propelled by a strong creative vision, and it shows me something I have actually neverContinue reading “Takt Op. Destiny Review: Fate stay/night the Musical”

To Your Eternity Drags on for Eternity

To Your Eternity was one of the biggest releases this spring, and by far the most positively received. In a single episode it was an undeniable phenomenon, plucking heartstrings and setting the stage for a grand narrative. My expectations for the series were unfairly high, but it met them and continued to do so. AfterContinue reading “To Your Eternity Drags on for Eternity”

My Anime 3×3, or Celebrating a Year of the Otaku Exhibition

When I began this blog, I didn’t think it was going to last. A month or two, three at the most. I have a tendency of creating big, ambitious plans that I fail to follow through on. Making a blog where I organize all my weird thoughts about anime and games was a neat idea,Continue reading “My Anime 3×3, or Celebrating a Year of the Otaku Exhibition”

A Note About the Otaku Exhibition’s Posts

We have arrived at the one year anniversary of the Otaku Exhibition. For those of you who weren’t counting, that was 110 posts, 169,000 words, and more garbage takes than I can count. This isn’t a celebration of that anniversary, that post will be going up at the usual time on Monday, October 18th. Instead,Continue reading “A Note About the Otaku Exhibition’s Posts”

My Hero Academia is Really About Therapy and German Philosophy

It’s become trendy to dump on My Hero Academia as of late, and I’m just as guilty as anybody. I still love the anime, but there’s no denying there has been a noticeable step down in production values. But you know what? That’s not why you should like My Hero Academia. Hero Aca has alwaysContinue reading “My Hero Academia is Really About Therapy and German Philosophy”

Blue Box Review: Shonen Jump’s Sports Romcom Scores

Art and Story by Koji Miura All chapters available on the Shonen Jump app I’ve been doing my best to catch more manga in the early stages so it feels like I’m actually reviewing a new series, not just what’s out there and popular. Unfortunately, that’s pretty hard if you’re not fluent in Japanese; byContinue reading “Blue Box Review: Shonen Jump’s Sports Romcom Scores”