A Note About the Otaku Exhibition’s Posts

We have arrived at the one year anniversary of the Otaku Exhibition. For those of you who weren’t counting, that was 110 posts, 169,000 words, and more garbage takes than I can count. This isn’t a celebration of that anniversary, that post will be going up at the usual time on Monday, October 18th. Instead, things are going to be changing a little bit.

When I first started, my approach to writing reviews and essays was a lot messier. That goes both for my style and my methods; I wrote when I felt like it, threw everything in my mind onto a post, and uploaded the moment I was done writing. That didn’t last long.

I adopted a schedule, as you probably know. Every Monday and Thursday at noon, you could expect a new essay or review. The system served me well, as I had so much to write about it felt like I could never run out. I had a large backlog of anime to draw on, so I could watch new shows at a comfortable pace. It was just enough of a time crunch that the pressure forced me to work when distractions and procrastination got the better of me. With that said, things have changed.

I’ve gotten better at writing these posts, but that limitless content? Well, it was surprisingly limited. I watch a lot of anime, but a 12-episode season still takes about 5 hours to finish, and I don’t write an essay about everything I watch. With mounting pressure to put something out on time and burning through the backlog of anime I’ve already seen, I had to change something.

The only solution in my mind is to cut back on the amount of content I produce. I watch as much anime as my schedule permits, and you might notice I’ve already double-dipped many shows. That’s not a bad thing, I would just prefer to have more time to watch shows, come up with unique ideas, and only return to an anime when I genuinely want to, not because I don’t have anything for next Thursday.

So starting on the 18th, the Otaku Exhibition will post once a week, Mondays at 12 PM EST. I’ve struggled with the decision quite a bit, but I’m not blind to how many other anime bloggers struggle to keep up a steady stream of content. The Otaku Exhibition has done exceptionally well in its first year, and I believe that’s because my readers have come to trust I will deliver a quality post at a reliable time. I’m determined not to give up regular uploads, and this will allow me more time to research my content and polish it.

So expect some bigger, grander essays in the coming year. I’m hoping to do some different and weirder ideas, push the envelope of what defines my normal content. There’s only so long I can stay in this box, but I hope to make it a nice box as long as I can hold onto it.

So no matter how long you’ve been following the Otaku Exhibition, if you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past year, thank you. I hope you enjoy the anniversary post going up soon; it’s near and dear to me, and it’s one of the projects I’ve worked hardest on since starting this blog. Until next time, thanks for reading.

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