Introduction to the Otaku Exhibition

If you’re here already, that probably means that you have an interest in anime, games, writing, or most likely all three. That’s great, and it means you’re certainly in the right place. The Otaku Exhibition is a project designed to share analysis and discussion of a lot of things, and geeky passions of mine like anime and video games are going to be at the forefront of that discussion here.

Want a place to gush about the new epic fight in My Hero Academia or Demon Slayer? Still reeling from the revelations in the latest season of Re: Zero? This is a nice and comfortable spot to do that without the concerns of getting lost in an ocean of off-topic or off-putting comments like Youtube or Reddit comment sections. Yeah, nerds are usually cast as the isolated types, but this place is where I want to hear from people of every walk of life. I want to explain why I cheer when a spiky-haired shonen protagonist saves the day, and I want to hear you do it too.

At this point, the Otaku Exhibition is still in the works, and I’ll be working hard on adding fresh content on a regular basis from an unusually large backlog I’ve been hoarding for so long. That will include one-shot reviews, series like the upcoming “A Lesson in Disappointment”, and original fiction that I think you can wrap yourself up in nearly as much as the anime writing that you came for. So come on in, stay awhile, and I hope you find plenty worth staying for.

Cheers, here’s to a long endeavor.


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