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The New WORST Anime Ever Made

I quite famously wrote an essay decrying Mushoku Tensei as the worst anime ever made, because I’m a clickbaiting hack and you really ought to know better by now. Since then, I have received a large amount of comments, DMs, emails, etc., that even if I don’t like Mushoku Tensei, it’s far from the worst […]

Why is Manga Better Than Anime?

I started writing this essay a few months back, under the title Why I Love Manga, as something of a love letter to the medium. I’d have kept the name, but you know, rage-clicks pay the bills, so here we are. Kidding…mostly. The title’s only a little bit clickbait! Whenever I have a second to […]

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: You Can (Not) Romance

I’m going to be spoiling most of the Rebuild films, End of Eva, and NGE here, so just be warned for that. I haven’t talked about Evangelion since I praised the Rebuild series for fixing so many of my problems with the original Neon Genesis Evangelion (and you can read that here). Since writing that […]