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Call of the Night Review: Still a Better Love Story than Twilight

Directed by Tomoyuki Itamura Produced by Lidenfilms Streaming on Hidive Yeah, yeah, I know, Twilight jokes in 2022 aren’t the height of relevance, but you might understand how much real estate those vampires take up in my head when your wife watches those movies on a monthly basis. Furthermore, I…what was I going to review […]

Lycoris Recoil Review: The Police State Will be Run by Anime Girls

Directed by Shingo Adachi Produced by A-1 Pictures Streaming on Crunchyroll Tone is vital to storytelling. What feeling is the writer attempting to evoke in their audience? Do they want you to laugh or cry? Does the music, animation, voice acting, and script come together to form a cohesive whole? If they don’t, it could […]

RWBY: Ice Queendom Review: This is Supposed to be an Improvement?

Directed by Kenjirou Okada & Toshimasa Suzuki Produced by Shaft Streaming on Crunchyroll If you were on the internet in 2013 and ’14, it was impossible to not be at least passingly familiar with RWBY. I’m not a fan, and considering the amount I’ve heard about the series, I know surprisingly little about it. Despite […]