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Tsurezure Children is Everything I’ve Been Looking For

If you’ve been writing publicly for a good chunk of time, you tend to take it for granted that your readers are familiar with the running themes of your work. I think if you’ve only read a small portion of the approximately 250,000 words I’ve written here, though, you will have a good sense of […]

I Hate Tomodachi Game

Somewhere in the Akashic records of my Google Drive, there is an outline for a post on Kakegurui, the bizarre yuri-baiting gambling anime. It never saw the light of day because I generally don’t publish anything I don’t feel I can say something unique about, and if you know anything about Kakegurui, you likely already […]

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie is Peak Fiction, You Cowards

If you’ve been paying attention to the seasonal anime beat for any length of time, you know about the heel turn in quality. An anime might tap into something special, either a phenomenal adaptation or an original that shows you something you never dreamed of. The God of High School was the best thing to […]