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Bocchi the Rock! Review: K-On Can’t Communicate

Directed by Keiichirou Saitou Produced by Cloverworks Streaming on Crunchyroll I was in a bit of a pickle. I got ahead of myself and slated six reviews for the autumn season, and didn’t actually have six anime to watch. Alright, I said to myself, I’ll just watch the first episode of everything until something sticks […]

More Than a Married Couple, but Not Lovers Review: Rent-a-Girlfriend – Revengeance

There is an art to creating a title that might escape the average viewer. It’s not easy to devise a short handful of words that both tells the audience what to expect of the story and neatly encapsulates the content. It’s so difficult, in fact, that the world of anime, manga, and light novels has […]

Reincarnated as a Sword Review: Double-Edged Garbage

Directed by Shinji Ishihara Produced by C2C Streaming on HIDIVE The isekai genre has existed in some form or another for decades, though the current model was cemented a decade ago by the runaway success of Sword Art Online. It’s funny, though, that I’ve seen debates on whether or not SAO even qualifies as a […]